breanna gray aka chaosxanarchy

"I am passionate about designing for the stories not shared
in order to make the world a more inclusive place."

"I create for the adventurous, magnetic,

non-judgmental, resilient few who dare to dream big and have a voice!"

"While I offer a collection of artworks, there is also a custom design option where I work 1-on-1 with YOU to make something electrifyingly YOU."

“I make unconventional art that captivates people. To me, there’s nothing more captivating than the human experience, so my art is definitely a response to the stimulus around me." 

"When working with denim I prefer to paint vintage denim because the material is so sturdy and beautiful, like a canvas! Working with vintage allows me to give old things new life and make things sustainable."

"I hand-paint every item myself. The entire process has a lot of care and love put into it."

"One day I hope that those who knew me will describe me as the type of person who":

1. Had seen the world because they goddamn wanted to: because their will was that strong.

2. Had lived their dream because it was theirs to begin with and they saw no other way.

3. Used words like “purpose” and “exciting” and “adventure” when speaking of their life. Not “work commute” or “bored to death by my partner” or “because I have to”.

4. Did exactly what they said they were going to do.